Frequently Asked Questions

Repzo is a mobile sales CRM (customer relationship management) app for the iPhone & Android devices . Simply put, this application turns your smartphone or tablet into the ultimate standalone field force management tool. With Repzo, we’ve rolled the advanced features and functionality of several business productivity utilities into a single management center.

Within minutes of downloading Repzo, your reps can input their geo-tagged activities and you can monitor them live from your own mobile device

Reps can be download for free from the Apple App Store & Google Play and used without limit for a 14 day trial period. Once this period has expired, a subscription is required to continue using Repzo. Subscriptions start at JD 15 a month per rep.

Reps helps busy professionals track and manage customer/client interactions, as well as present and finalize forms & purchase orders with clients/customers while in the field.

Reps also saves all your client locations in a secure data base & allows you to navigate to them using GPS navigation software.

The most important feature of Repzo is the ability to generate reports regarding your reps working hours & time spent at each client. You can also schedule visits for you reps and receive notifications on all achieved or missed visits they have done.

All activities done in Repzo are sent to you live via push notifications !

Reps was designed with the traveling field rep in mind. Reps user base consists of professionals in FMCG, healthcare, financial services, information technology, construction, housing, real estate, staffing, recruiting, higher education, insurance, and landscaping (to name but a handful of specializations).

Reps can make life easier regardless of an individual’s role within an organization. Most frequently, professionals in sales, marketing, and customer service find themselves making use of CRM software like Repzo.

Reps takes leads through the entire client visit process, from the moment of contact to the moment of the sale or provided service.

Here’s a quick smattering of some of the things Repzo can do:

  • Manage and sort contacts.
  • Import contacts from CSV files.
  • Save client locations for optimized visit routes with GPS technology.
  • Create activities that are sent instantly to you via push notifications
  • Capture photos at your client locations.
  • Schedule client visits.
  • Create customized forms for market reaserch.
  • Create purchase orders.
  • Capture customer signatures.
  • Generate reports to evaluate reps performance.
  • Export & email PDF Reports.
  • Scan barcodes.

No. The 14 day free trial of Repzo we offer is for the full version of Repzo. To continue adding contacts or activities after the trial period you will be required to purchase a subscription.

Yes, Repzo works on all iOS & Android devices.

Yes. You can use Repzo regardless of wireless service because everything is stored locally on your device. Once you’ve linked to the internet, the updates you’ve made offline will automatically be synced to our servers.

For help with Repzo, you can contact our Help Desk at [email protected] To speak to a sales rep, try [email protected] . To reach us via phone, call 1-888-518-0818.